Adrian Sanders – 16 (2006)

Back when the grusome Spring Creek Lodge Academy existed a boy managed to escape during a transport to an even more sinister facility on Jamaica named Tranquility Bay.

The amazing thing about this incident was that the authorities never really conducted an investigation into the matter. The newspapers could not even get the hospital to confirm that he was treated after a fall from a clift.

We believe that he survived. Sadly we also believe that he ended up at Tranquility Bay – today it is closed and it only known for the 2001 suicide and the public rescue of a Jewish boy. But we are not 100 percent sure.



When children are not missed, should they just be allowed to die?

A lot of rumors have been running around a former catholic orphanage in Metairie in Lousiana. It was closed in 1995 in order to avoid further digging into possible child sex abuse.

Now 16 bodies have been found at the former facility.

As with the terrible case of children having been abused and killed at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, the job is now to put names of those who have been buried in Metairie. Forever this city will now have its name tie to the buried children.

The real tragedy is that none seemed to care about their disappearence. Who can you place responsability when none miss a child?

If this only was a special case, but it has sadly turned out to be close to a norm that you find buried children when you re-develop areas belonging to former child facilities to new housing projects. There are similar cases from Ireland and England. Only God knows what to find in the future.

We will pray for that these children will be named and if possible that people responsible for these tragedies are held accountable for their actions.

Metairie Catholic Orphanage excavation uncovers mass grave (The Sunday Post)

Robert Thomas Pillsen-Rahier -15 (1990)

The boy who back then was 15 years of age ran from a so-called residential treatment facility named Cheyenne Mesa. It has since been closed down.

The boy tried to tell his mother something which had taken place at the facility but because the phone calls were monitored, he asked her to talk to her in person.

On a visit home the mother noticed blood stains on his underwear, which could have been a sign that the boy has been subjected to some kind of abuse. The mother either forgot about it until later or ignored it for some unkwown reason. He allegedly ran before the mother got a chance to talk to him and have been missing since.

Did he run or was he made silence in order to prevent him from talking?

We will properly never know.

Facilities and boarding schools where phone calls are monitored will always include a risk of abuse. Parents should always insist that they can talk privately to their children from the very first day their children are committed to any kind of residential treatment program.


Brooklyn Jones – 16 (2014)

16-year-old Brooklyn Jones ran from Oak Plains Academy, which was earlier known as Chad Youth Enhancement Center but changes names after some teenagers died.

Her family was not notified at once and because of that they were unable to aid the search from the very start.

We have not been able to find any follow-up articles and are uncertain whether the girl was located and returned to her family.

Parent searching for teen who ran away from rehab facility (WSMV news)

The Adriel School victims – (2014)

The Adriel School lost its license after an investigation showing wrong treatment by the employees.

A number of teenagers tried to escape the horrible conditions at the facility. They were hunted like criminals.

It took some time for the authorities to realize that the problems were not the girls and boys but the facility itself.

It is sad that so-called at-risk teens often see themselves stigmalized.


Jackson Lawlor – 17 (2016)

Two boys ran from the wilderness program SUWS located near Old Fort in North Carolina during the summer of 2016. While the program earlier has claimed the lives of 2 teenagers, they managed to escape from the wilderness to the civilisation. Unfortunately before they were able to connect to friends from back home they were arrested. Being arrested in connection with an escape from a wilderness program does however not mean that the situation is worse.

Yes, going to the local detention facility is the result. A conviction might be the result.

But access to legal representation is provided. A warm bed and meals are provided. Short to say. A setback but also improved living conditions.

We must pray that Jackson Lawlor are able to return to his homestate taking up the lifestyle he had before going to the program.


Victimized Teens missing as result of the Troubled Teens Industry