Layton Haley Stone – 2014 (Center for Discovery)

laytonLayton Haley Stone relocated from York, South Carolina to Kansas City, Missouri.

She allegedly had a boyfriend in the Military.

She ran from home a number of times early 2014.

Desperate for help her mother approached showman Dr. Phil. As result of her partipantion in the TV-show she ended up at one of the Dr. Phil shows sponsors known as “Center for Discovery”. The Dr. Phil show has been hit by a number of lawsuits. At the same time his former sponsor “Aspen Education Group” was cribbled as result of lawsuits selling of most of its empire.

We don’t know if “Center for Discovery” was the right place for Layton. We don’t know if she is sick at all or the medication she was heavily drugged with during the TV-show had caused her original need to run away and affected her ability to judge whether the streets were right for her. Moving can impact a young life a lot. She lost her friends in York, her extended family. Maybe this triggered her problems and made her mother approach a doctor who overmedicated her.

The streets are not right for her. Maybe the social services in York should investigate and demand her back to York to a group home suited to her needs.

Help locate her. She needs a safe place. By that we don’t mean a random placement based on who is sponsoring a TV-show or a home where she so clearly doesn’t want to stay. An environment based on a thorough examination of her condition run by officials without commercial interests is the right way to do it.

Update 7-12-14: She has been found. Unfortunately she was hurt either when she escaped or during her time out in town. We will pray that the family will start listen to her and return her to the town she wants to live in. We will pray for her recovery.


9 thoughts on “Layton Haley Stone – 2014 (Center for Discovery)”

  1. You all do not know this family! Stop assuming. I have known Anna and her children since they were babies. If Layton had wanted to stay in York, her mother would have let her as she has family in the area. Her older brother is in SC bc he wanted to come back to his dad’s family. Anna is a caring mother and does what it takes to keep her children safe. She has explored all options. Mental illness runs in Laytons dads side. Stop posting what you know nothing about.


    1. She loves her daughter. That is what our sources in the Newport supermarket say. However they also told that she expressed anxiety due to moving. Being a teenager putting words on her future can be difficult and very often the impulsive mood almost everyone experience going through that rite of passage doesn’t make it easy. Her mother had thousand things on her mind as everyone who is moving. I am certainly not blaming her if she hadn’t the surplus picking up the small symptoms because teenagers mindset can be quiet a puzzle.

      However moving her to Los Angeles in a city environment where she can be difficult to spot while on run among several thousands of homeless people and immigrants all trying to survive combined with the gang culture LA is known for is not the best option for a potential runaway. It is not a fault made by the mother but by the management of the TV-show. I know that Dr. Phil has been limited after a number of human rights organization – among them DPoC – attacked Bain Capital and their teen programs forcing his previous sponsors into closure. He has however the right to say no if he hadn’t the right program for her. In this case another option should have been chosen. Not a Utah lockdown but something local in a community where she is known and can be spotted if she chose to run.


  2. It is moving anxiety. I recognize it from my cousin. He moved from Copenhagen to Lemvig. He started running away to Aalborg and became one of the Kennedy Center kids. (The Kennedy Center is a shopping mall in Aalborg known for housing homeless teens.)

    They gave him a new cellphone with a tracking app inside and the social services used this tracking app to locate him because teenagers today are inseparable from their cellphones.

    The police in Denmark don’t use their time locating runaways unless they are with adults because they have more important things to do so it was stressful. In the end they found a boarding school near Copenhagen aided by the social services. He is now doing fine without medication. It has nothing to do with parental love. His parents loved him very much. It had something to do with his anxiety. It made him rude and impossible to be with.

    Some people cannot move. My cousin has to live forever in Copenhagen. It seems that she suffer from the same.


  3. All of this started before she even left York, SC. Her mom claimed she was being bullied in school an then she ran away. Don’t know them real personally but had talked to mom on several occasions about her giving her problems.


  4. Being Laytons older sister, I would like to say that the trash talk is unappreciated and I will report this write up and find out those involved.


  5. ive met Layton, shes actually a good friend of mine now I met her in detention while we were both locked up I also saw anna and trust me she dis not a nice person and doesn’t treat Layton correctly


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