The mystery of Connie Munson – 1980 (Bethesda home for girls)

There are some questions unanswered regarding the death of 14 year old Connie Munson during an escape attempt in 1980.

We have sent investigators in the field to digg up old records while posing as tourists.

On Fornits we can see that she ran into traffic and got herself killed because she feared the punishment girls like her suffered if they ran away from Bethesda home for girls.

The girls home ran later into problems with the authorities. It was closed. A mysterious fire destroyed the buildings.

If you know something about the tragic incident we would like to hear.

Connie Munson – Bethesda Home for Girls (Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora)

6 thoughts on “The mystery of Connie Munson – 1980 (Bethesda home for girls)”

    1. She did not run out into traffic. There was a group of girls walking on the road. A truck came around the curve and did not see the girls. He hit Connie and killed her instantly and then hit Pam not sure of her last name. Pam was in a coma for some while


  1. Bethesda Home For Girls has ruined my life, I was there when I was 15yrs old they starved me to death and when I got out I was in the hospital for a month because my insides were so messed up I almost died. Everyone child that ever got sent there has mental issue’s in some form or another., It’s to bad the Bob and Betty Wills didn’t burn in that mysterious fire, I guess Karma waited a little to long to seek her revenge


  2. I was there. We were told the reason the girls died and were killed was be a use God had punished them for running away. At this time I’m watching Leah Remini exposeing Scientology. And I am greived as Bethesda Home for girls Was a cult. As was Redemption Ranch and the Roloff Homes in Texas. Where are the voices of those who were left there by parents who were conned. I wrote to “Aunt Dott” as I had heard she desired to join the fb support group and was denied access. I found out she was in fact on fb and told her the god they tried to jam down our throat was SATAN…. With the beatings. Her husband having his way with girls in the barns and abusive staff ie: Vicki and Colleen. That I had found the REAL TRUE JESUS AND HE WAS ALL ABOUT LOVE… and I prayed that she would ask for forgiveness and find him before she died. Because she would have a lot of innocent girls blood on her hands


  3. I know this is winded but. I was there after DOTT AND BURT LEFT OR WERE REMOVED and the Wills came in from redemption ranch. We were in fact brain washed. We were abused. We were child labor in rediculous ways. Hours on bare knees around the beautiful pool Bent over scrubbing the side with toothbrushes in unbearable heat… The pool we were not allowed to swim in. Your portion of the floor post “meals” could not have a single crumb. If a crumb was found you got beaten. A nearly 2 foot wooden board with holes at the end. I think an expose should be done on BETHESDA .Many of us were in unbelief that Connie had gotten killed. Be thought they were using it to put fear in us from running our selves. Hoping against hope Connie had really made it to freedom. Too much too much too sad


    1. I know it’s a very touchy subject but if anyone would like to share their stories of Bethesda I would be interested in hearing them. I happened upon the location of the “home” by complete accident and found out what it was after a few hours of researching the location. I’m absolutely shocked by what I’ve been reading. I knew the second I saw that place it just wasn’t right. There is a very heavy cloud that still lingers over it and I imagine there always will be until that place is completely destroyed.


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