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Brad Glickman – 15 (1990)

Brad Glickman was shot during his escape in 1990. In a small town the owner of a house gunned him down according to the news back then. It seems that Brad had some kind of connection with a girl in the house but taking into consideration that his death occurred around midnight it is not fully clear what took place and led to his death. A local resident was convicted of taking his life.

Brad escaped from Elan School and due to a cover-up among Maine officials it is only now where Elan School is closed that the public learns about how terrible the place was. It seems that officials closed their eyes because then counselors, case-workers etc. could forget about the kids in foster care until they became adults and properly too damaged to start a lawsuit. The number of suicides among graduates and dropouts are alarming.

Being on the run is always a risk and places shouldn’t so that the teenagers want to leave. Elan School was and it is sad to say that death would have been merciful compared with what would have been in store for him if he had been caught and dragged back.


Dawn Marie Birnbaum – 1993 (Elan School)

Normally it is happy news when a runaway teenager is located, but in the case of Dawn Marie Birnbaum it was a tragedy.

She was murdered while she was on the run.

Her killer was caught and sentenced to prison. He might have been responsible for several killings because when he was caught teenagers at the same age as poor Miss Birnbaum who had been found killed during the recent years stopped being killed.

However, whether he was responsible for several killing or only the one of poor Miss Birnbaum doesn’t matter. The family of Miss Birnbaum was robbed of their daughter before she had the possible to live a full life.

What did she run from?

Miss Birnbaum was sent to Elan School. The school closed due to Internet Activism by former students. The school had a boxing where teenagers who refused to the treatment were placed in only to allow the rest of the students to beat the students down until the student agreed to participate in the therapy sessions.

Several students were hurt. Several former students were not able to live due to their past experiences and ended their lives prematurely. As parents it is difficult to understand that some places might use so severe methods in order to force the teenagers to attend therapy before they turn 18 and can leave on their own that the treatment inflicts way more emotional damage than the original problems which led to the placement.

A blog like Today a child died is a memorial blog covering the deaths on teenagers who died during their placement. If someone made a blog about the people who committed suicide as result of their placement, it would be a blog with so entries that it would require full time work of 10 people.

Miss Birnbaum didn’t have to die. She could have been alive today if she hadn’t gone to Elan School but would have been attending outpatient therapy instead. And her family is not to be blamed. They were advised by so-called experts who of many of them are paid by treatment facilities and programs per referral.

As stated above: Elan School is closed but that doesn’t mean that no other teenager could be in harm’s way. There are still teenagers placed in treatment programs they didn’t opt to go to on their own. As long as this is the case, there will be runaways on the roads and streets. Runaways in the same danger of being killed like poor Miss Birnbaum.